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Full List of Publications

Full List of Publications

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Tukamuhabwa, P.1, Kawuki, R.2, Nanfumba, D.3, Obua, T.1 & Bashaasha, B. 2012. Over view of impact indicators of soybean rust resistant varieties on Uganda’s economy. Third RUFORUM Biennial Meeting 24 - 28 September 2012, Entebbe, Uganda

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Oloka, H.K; Tukamuhabwa, P; Sengooba,T. 2008. Reaction of exotic germplasm to Phakopsora pachyrhizi in Uganda. Plant Disease. 92(11):1493-1496 SoyAbean Research & Development in Uganda / 27

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Tukamuhabwa, P; Dashiell, K. E; Rubaihayo, P. and Nabasirye, M. 2002. Determination of field yield loss and effect of environment on pod shattering in soybean. African crop science Journal: 10(3): 203-209.

Tukamuhabwa, P; Rubaihayo, P. and Dashiell, K. E. 2002. Genetic components of pod shattering in soybean. Euphytica. 125:29-34

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