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Dr. Phinehas Tukamuhabwa

Welcome to Soybean Africa.com, a website dedicated to all who have devoted their resources:  time, expertise and funds to the development of soybeans in Africa. To the persistent   soybean farmers and researchers, donors, processors  and traders of soybean in Africa, thank you for the job well-done, and  ‘never give up’.

Soybean is relatively new in Africa but with a potential to drastically change the African Agricultural sector through investment in  soybean breeding while addressing the whole soybean value chain. New Soybean varieties that are day neutral and adapted to the African tropical conditions have been developed and released for commercialization in Africa.  Commercialization of these varieties through the soybean value chain have steadily played an increasing role in the welfare of the African Social economic welfare scenario.  For example, In Uganda the processing capacity for soybean increased from 300 tons in 2004 to over 600 tons per day in 2011 while soybean contributed 1,163,000 US dollars in 2009 up from US dollars 300,000 in 2006 in terms of export earnings.  

Though Soybean is new to Africa, probably Africa needs it more than other continents because of soybean’s capacity to significantly contribute to peoples livelihoods, through human and livestock nutrition, Agribusiness and trade, as well as  improvement of farming systems.

 It is hoped that through this website an open discussion will be enabled among all stakeholders in soybeans world over.

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SOYBEAN is the most nutritious crop in the world containing 40% protein and 20% oil, both of which are vital in human and animal diet. Soybean contains at least 100% more proteins than any other common crop and yields 5-10 times more protein per unit area than other crops.
With the available technology for processing soybeans at industrial and household level, soybean has become one of the most promising food crops available to improve the diets of millions of people in the world.
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