Our Services
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Soybean Seed Production

  • Production of Breeders and Foundation seed
  • Inspection of seed multiplication fields
  • Cleaning and Packing seed
  • Marketing of soybean seed (breeders and foundation seed)
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Soybean Processing

  • Production of pure Soya flour
  • Processing Value added products like Bread
  • Soybean milk
  • And many more
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Social Corporate Responsibilities

  • Support breeding of soybean varieties in Uganda,
  • Facilitate students conducting soybean research and internship
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Extension and Outreach

  • Training of farmer groups and private companies
  • Training of Local Seed Businesses
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Agricultural Consultancy

  • Agronomy of Soybean
  • Commercial Farming
  • Agro processing and value addition
  • Seed Production
  • Post-harvest handling
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Soybean Linkages and Networking

  • Marketing of soybean seed in and out of Uganda
  • Linking producers, buyers and processors
  • Data and Information Sharing
  • And many more